Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Invitation to visit Snehalaya's stall at NGO Asia Expo-2014 in Mumbai

Dear friend,

As you know, Snehalaya is an organization that provides hope, succor and support to women and children in distress including out-cast HIV/AIDS afflicted families. Over a quarter century, we have crossed several milestones which has resulted in a well-integrated structure to rescue, rehabilitate & re-integrate such hapless anguished victims. Quite often Snehalaya offers the only hope left for such tormented people. This has enlightened us to just how important our dedicated efforts, with your support really means to our unfortunate brethren. Compassionate people like you have made Snehalaya what it is today. The once barren plot that is now known as SNEHALAYA– a home of love. And also Snehalaya's Himmatgram – a Hamlet of Courage. All the commendable achievements of the Snehalaya team were possible only because of staunch supporters caring well-wishers and kind donors like you, who considered Snehalaya worthy of your support and love. I earnestly thank you and request you to invite your family/friends/associates also  to be a part of our Snehalaya family, and to involve yourself selflessly in this noble cause of making Snehalaya’s resources available to every single woman and child seeking freedom from abuse. In taking personal action, you can blaze new trails with us in this momentous mass movement. 

We are pleased to inform our participation in the important NGO Asia Expo Exhibition & Conference on Wednesday 27th to Thursday 28th August at the World Trade Center, Cuffe Parade (Mumbai). The timings of the exhibition are from 10 am to 6 pm. Please do visit Snehalaya's stall no. : 47 along with your family/friends/associates. We will be presenting latest updates on the nature of our present work and future plans, connect with HNIs and corporates seeking involvement in their CSR activities and also collect donations. We invite you to join us for a friendly chat with the Snehalaya team. Old-timers can also help to meet & greet new visitors and explain our rich 26 years history, which shaped the epic Snehalaya movement. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to learn more about how your Personal Social Responsibility and/or Corporate Social Responsibility can alleviate human misery.  

Our women-folk are to be cherished and our children are the future. Snehalaya’s children are budding, flowering and maturing to become responsible citizens – in spite of being orphaned or having being born in the slums, in the red light areas, or to raped or unwed mothers!  We therefore, seek your participation to realize what you yourself can personally do to bring joy in the lives of such suffering HIV+ families, the rehabilitating sex-workers and other children in distress. Your generous selfless contributions will make our common vision - a blissful reality. Connect us with like-minded people who can become a part of this epic mission. Be with us to spark the imagination of a hibernating society, raise public-awareness of hidden social horrors, and inspire the mute millions to battle the dark forces of the ugly side of our society. Let us fight together to make our society free from discrimination, and crimes against our women-folk and innocent children. By God’s grace, together, together we will succeed.

I thank you in advance for considering supporting this worthy cause by accepting our personal invitation to you. Looking forward to meeting you there with your family & friends. Would appreciate a line in confirmation.

Girish Khudanpur  
Hon. Director

Exhibition Layout: Snehalaya's stall No. 47


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  3. We cordially invite you to visit Snehalaya's stall at the NGO Asia Expo-2014 in Mumbai. Snehalaya is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering marginalized communities through education and healthcare initiatives. Your support can help us make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. We look forward to welcoming you at our stall and sharing more about our work and how you can get involved. Together, we can create a brighter future for all. Thank you for considering our invitation.

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