Thursday, June 12, 2014

Emergency Appeal !!

Dear friends,

A series of heart-rending events and poignant experiences resulted in the conceptualization of Snehalaya’s most ambitious project – Himmatgram Project in a 25-acre plot at Islak village near Ahmednagar M.I.D.C. for the eventual reintegration of families of People Living with HIV/AIDS i.e. PLHA as well as rehabilitating Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking i.e. VCSET, into the main-stream of society. Himmatgram will be a modern township comprising of, to begin with - a Rehab. Colony for at least 400 people, a multi-religion place of worship, a meditation center, vocational training facilities, agricultural activities (including horticulture, floriculture, vermiculture), dairy farming, de-addiction programs etc.  This unique pioneering concept will blaze a new trail and be a role model for others in this field. It is foreseen to be a source of inspiration world-wide to people fighting AIDS and battling atrocities on women.

New construction at Himmatgram still proceeds in hiccups subject to receipt of additional funds, power cuts  etc.  Yet some undaunted families of PLHA, rehabillitating sex-workers, and other volunteers already live at Himmatgram and are
involved in agriculture activities and dairy farming. Fruit orchards, vegetable fields, cattle-fodder plots have been created along with 1500 “Neera” palm trees plantation. A plastic-lined water reservoir with capacity approximately 18 million litres has been constructed. The plastic liner is being installed.  A 2070 sq.m. polyhouse has been constructed and vegetable and Azolla cultivation has begun. A plant nursery in the green-house is already operational. A half acre polyhouse produces leafy as well as exotic vegetables.

Unfortunately, during the last week the unseasonal rain-fall, strong whirlwinds and
disastrous hailstorms have completely destroyed the green-house, severely damaged the polyhouse, ruined the Azolla beds, blown away the vermicompost shed and also caused extensive damage to crucial components like water tank, reservoir liner. We urgently need  Rs. 6 lakhs to recover from the ravages of nature, overcome the setback and to move forward again. We seek your generous donations to get the project back on track. Presently there are no donors/sponsors specifically for the Himmatgram project. You now have a uniqe opportunity to get directly involved with some of the most neglected sections of society viz. VCSET and their children. All donations to Snehalaya are exempt from income tax under section 80G. We provide receipts and maintain accounts for every rupee we receive and utilize. You may also donate your time, skills, and anything at all that you can spare. In this bleak time, Snehalaya counts on your support – now more than ever. Your gift is extremely important to Snehalaya because it provides urgently needed resources that make an immediate impact to help us through these tough times. We look forward to your fast & positive response.

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We also take this opportunity to invite you to visit Snehalaya as well as our Himmatgram project and be a part of our Snehalaya family. We believe in : “Atithi Devo Bhava” (“Visitors are Gods

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