Sunday, December 23, 2012

IT Center Has Conducted Free Entry Seminar on “2D Animation” and “Accounting Software Tally ERP 9.0”

Snehalaya’s Center of Hope is now becoming a well-known IT institute in Nagar city. It provides computer courses not only at basic level but also professional level. The IT center provides some popular and demanded courses with quality education to children in slums and poor children. The center also tries to influence students by offering various programmes and seminars.

Recently on 17th & 19th Dec. 2012, the IT center had conducted a free entry seminar on “2D Animation” and “Accounting Software Tally ERP 9.0” at Center of Hope, Ahmednagar. Mr. Anant Takpirev had conducted the seminar on 2D animation. He explained what animation is and what exactly the use of it is in current phenomenon.  He also cleared different doubts in the minds of participants.  50 persons participated in this seminar.  Mr. Sanjay Pawar had conducted the seminar on Tally Package 9.0.  Mr. Pawar had given information related to accounting practices to the participants.  He included various terms of accounting in practice as well in Tally software like VAT, taxation, depreciation, profit & loss account, balance sheet statement and various statute information related to accounting. 30 persons were present for this lecture. Nowadays, knowledge of computerized accounting is essential for an accountant.          

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