Thursday, June 14, 2012

Earn and Learn: Students Clean Toilets & Educate Themselves

Children living in slum areas often struggle for their daily needs and to access education. With the help of the ‘Earn & Learn’program, the children are able to fulfill their responsibilities toward their families and are also able to continue with their education. Balbhavan’s Sahara foundation has given a helping hand to the students. In their free time, the students clean toilets, wash cars, do gardening and many other jobs that are available under Balbhavan’s Sahara Foundation. The money earned from these jobs helps them to pay for their education. In the last five years, more than 50 students have been benefitted by the Sahara Foundation.

TheEarn & Learn program of Sahara Foundation was set up in Sanjaynagar.  This program has been implemented in every Balbhavan’s slum. Poverty is the main problem in the slums, so the children have to roam around for daily wages. In their teenage years, they are burdened with the responsibility of their families so the students who are eager to study, are unable to do so due to poverty. Balbhavan’s Sahara Foundation is helping the many children in need of self-employment. The students work in the MIDC area and clean the toilets of some of the companies there. This enables them to earn their daily bread and to provide for their education. Female students work as tailors, clean toilets, nurses and in other jobs. Sanjay Kamble told Sakal newspaper that many students have received the benefits of the ‘Earn and Learn’ program. Through the Sahara Foundation, if a student cleans the toilet daily he gets Rs. 1500; if he cleans it alternately, he gets Rs. 1000; if he cleans it weekly, he gets Rs. 500. If the students clean both toilets & bathrooms daily, they are paid Rs. 1700 per month; if they clean them alternately, he or she gets Rs. 1200 and if they clean them weekly, they get Rs. 600. The students work in groups.

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