Sunday, January 1, 2012

Snehalaya Organised Lectures on Various Issues

Snehalaya's Vidyarthi Sahayak Samiti (VSS) received a grand response to its series of lectures at Shrigonde, a town about 60  kms away from Ahmednagar.  More than 800 youths had attended these lectures. Many of them have shown interest in the work of VSS and joined hands.

Snehalaya  runs a Vidyarthi Sahayak Samiti in association of Mahamanav Baba Amte Sansthat Shrigonde town  for 20 students from poor families. Anant Zende, our volunteer, stays there and looks after the activities.

Mumbai-based Mr.Girish Nilkanth and Mrs.Sarika Girish Kulkarni have donated their old-styled big house ( Kulkarni Wada) in Shrigonde to Snehalaya for the cause.

Shrigonde is a tehsil place and growing day by day with 3 senior, 6 junior colleges and technical-vocational trade activities, but lacking behind in cultural and social activities.  Hence, VSS orgnised the event and decided to continue it for reaching to masses to get human and other resources.

Anil Gawade spoke on Child Rights and the role of Civil Society. Adv. Shyam Asawa delivered a lecture on Need of Jan Lokpal Bill and Anna's Movement.  Prof.Kadam spoke on simple methods of Meditation and Yoga with experiments, while Dr.Girish Kulkarni spoke on' Experiments of Social Change, quoting the details of the work of Parivar Kendra, SHM (Kolkata), BNGVN, Hivare Bazar, MAHAN, Helpers of handicapped, etc.

The series will be concluded on 5th January with a lecture by Hon. Krishna Prakash, District Police Chief on 'Role of Police, Civil society and Media in curbing Crime.'
Such activities give us new volunteers, the experience of organising the small events, inspiring our own residents/students ,encouraging our future donors and boosting  volunteers - supporters at the local level.  VSS found sponsors for everything and organised the programme on zero budget.  Credit goes to Anant Zende, and his 'TEAM VSS' runs with NO EMPLOYEES.

Anant Zende is working as a peon in a private school.  He spent his past earnings in renovation of the Kulkarni Wada for VSS.  Presently he looks after VSS  voluntarily. Students are preparing their food in rotation.The committment of giving 1 day of the week for society is the only condition Anant has kept for students in VSS.  Mr.Ramakant Tamboli, senior trustee (76 yrs.)  of Snehalaya gives daily guidence to Anant and VSS at Shrigonde. Mr.Tamboli worked with Late Achutrao Apte, founder of V.S.S., Pune  more than 29 yrs.

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