Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Snehalaya Students' success in 10th Standard Board Examination

Ahmednagar, 19 June 2010

More Students of Snehalaya achieved success in the 10th standard S.S.C. Exams and are planning for their future career. Each of them have come from very challenging background and have achieved success against odds by their sheer determination and hard work 

1. Madhuri  Ravindra Mundlik
Marks Obtained: - 359/550 (65.27%) 
Madhuri had lost both her parents when she was 4 years old. She is at Snehalaya is rehabilitation center ever since. She wants to become a Civil Engineer.

2. Bhagyshri Sitaram Salunke 
Marks Obtained: - 325/500 (65%) 
Bhagyashri joined Snehalaya Rehabilitation Center in the year 2005. She wants to become a Lawyer. 

3. Seema Devidas Jadhav 
Marks Obtained: 334/550 (60.73%)
Seema joined Snehalaya Rehabilitation Center in the year 2005. Snehalaya helped her to take education. Seema wants to become a Computer Engineer. 

4. Parshuram Sarubai Chavan 
Marks Obtained: 227/500 (45.40%) 
Parshuram had joined Snehalaya Rehabilitation Center in the year 2000. Snehalaya helped her to take education. Parshuram wants to become a Soldier in Indian Army. 

Following is the list of Snehalaya Balbhavan Students who passed the 10th standard examination. Balbhavans are active in 6 major Slums of the city.  Most of our students are the past child labours.  They all are staying in Slums , belonging to poor families.

1. Shaikh Nisar Naeim (Sanjaynagar Slum)
Marks Obtained: 313/550 (56.91%)
2. Naidu Chandrakala Antoni (Sanjaynagar Slum)
Marks Obtained: 248/500 (49.60%)
3. Adhav Varsha Eknath (Sanjaynagar Slum)
Marks Obtained: 267/500 (53.40%)
4. Waghele Rajesh Gopal (Sanjaynagar Slum)
Marks Obtained: 330/550 (60%)
5. Shaikh Roshni Eakbal(Sanjaynagar Slum)
Marks Obtained: 315/550 (57.27%)
6. Pathan Yusuf Aayub (Sanjaynagar Slum)
Marks Obtained:  263/500 (52.60%)
7. Damble Namta Ratan (Sanjaynagar Slum)
Marks Obtained:  244/550 (48.80%)
8. Shaikh Tanzila Akbar (Mukund Nagar Slum)
Marks Obtained:  385/550 (70%)
9. Shaikh Shabina Shahboddin (Mukund Nagar Slum)
Marks Obtained:  332/550 (60.36%)
10. Mullani Afrin Shamshoddin  (Mukund Nagar Slum)
11. Shaikh Bibifatema Nasiruddin  (Mukund Nagar Slum)
Marks Obtained:  396/550 (72%)
12. Thokal  Manisha Dilip (Borkarnagar Slum)
Marks Obtained:  241/500 (48.20%)
13. Sherker Amol Bhausaheb (Borkarnagar Slum)
Marks Obtained:  332/550 (60.36%)
14. Vairal Kailas Lahanu (Borkarnagar Slum)
Marks Obtained:  269/500 (53.80%)
15. Jangam Sachin Motiram(Borkarnagar Slum)
Marks Obtained:  194/ 500 (36.27%)
16. Bharaskar Sachin Sukhdev (Borkarnagar Slum)
Marks Obtained:  308/ 500 (61.60%)
17. Bhutekar Sambhaji Dagadu (Borkarnagar Slum)
Marks Obtained:  260/ 550 (47.27%)

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