Sunday, May 9, 2010

Snehalaya launches a new website

May 10th 2010

Last week we launched new informational websites for Snehalaya ( ) and for our adoption center, Snehankur (

These websites have been designed to provide important details about our projects and useful information for volunteers, institutions, prospective adoptive parents and everybody who feels for the under privileged sections of our society.  The websites not only highlight Snehalaya's work and projects but also invites people around the world to get involved and make a difference to fellow human beings, who are less fortunate.

The new website was designed by Image Online  and was developed by Web Bazaar . Numerous volunteers and well wishers helped in this effort by providing the content and material, to make the website possible.

We will continue to update our well wishers through our online newsletter Vrutta.

Do join us at and  If you have any inputs or feedback write to us at

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  1. Your main site ( showing error and is not accessible. Please get it fixed asap as lots of people are trying to access it after Amir Khan's show. I'm sure you don't want to miss the opportunity to get maximum exposure generated by SMJ show.